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Libra progressed into Scorpio

Loving and Harmonious.
Sympathetic, tactful and diplomatic.
Romantic and charming.
Easygoing and sociable.
Idealistic and peaceable.
Indecisive and changeable.
Gullible and easily influenced.
Flirtatious and self-indulgent.

Considering Scorpio's enjoyment of the good life and what it has to offer, it won't be surprising if Libra's love of easy living and self-indulgence is even more clearly shown.

If ungoverned, this can obviously have an adverse effect on the health.

In a business career, Scorpio's influence on a Libran personality can be an enormous asset: its powerful business sense will be more than useful.

In more domestic circumstances the romantic Libran image will become sexier; the wardrobe may now contain more black.

The sex life should improve because it will assume greater importance, but Scorpio jealousy may appear and should be guarded against.

A Libran Ascendant progressing into Scorpio gives objectivity and a sense of purpose, which will help in better ability for decision-making.

Emotional satisfaction within a career may become more important, and so the subject will be less complaisant about work, which offers only an income, rather than job satisfaction.

In personal relationships, this person will want more than just a romantic association - there will be a need for a challenge, a sense of purpose and a feeling that the partnership is going somewhere.

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When the Libran Sun progresses into Scorpio, the individual will have new determination and purpose.

The Libran emotions, meaningful but rather lightweight, will now intensify and the rather diffused personality will gain focus and a cutting edge.

Scorpio is the most energetic of signs, so the Libran energy level is likely to be strengthened.
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