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Libra Sun Sign in a Family

Loving and Harmonious. Sympathetic, tactful and diplomatic. Romantic and charming.
Easygoing and sociable.
Idealistic and peaceable.
Indecisive and changeable.
Gullible and easily influenced. Flirtatious and self-indulgent.

Happiness at school is important for all children, but a Libran child treated unfairly will magnify the injustice to such an extent that it will interfere with the teaching process and upset the child for much longer than might be expected.

Creative potential should be recognized and encouraged as there is often real talent here, but if left to itself it may not develop as quickly as with some other Sun signs.

Libran parents are kind, loving and gentle, but must beware of being outwitted by a quicker-minded child playing on the Libran tendency to give in rather than insist on the course they know to be best. It is too easy to spoil a child for the sake of peace and quiet.

A Libran parent's indecision can infuriate his or her children and decisions should not be shelved or handed over to the partner to deal with.

The Libran parent will teach their children a great deal about love.

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The Libran child is charming and eager to please. It is essential that parents stimulate self-confidence and encourage the child to be decisive.

This will help the Libran be more assertive in later life.
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