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Libra Sun Sign on the Ascendant

Loving and Harmonious.
Sympathetic, tactful and diplomatic.
Romantic and charming.
Easygoing and sociable.
Idealistic and peaceable.
Indecisive and changeable.
Gullible and easily influenced.
Flirtatious and self-indulgent.

Very often the whole personality is geared to this end, with people rushing into permanent relationships. Sadly, such premature commitments can end in heartbreak and divorce.

The notorious Libran tendency to fall in love with love is here, however, spiced with lively sexuality and a greater enthusiasm for the physical aspects of love than is often the case with a Libran Sun.

Librans display a great deal of natural charm. Self-analysis is the best way for those with Libra rising to see clearly their character weaknesses and correct them.

It is almost essential to involve a partner or friend with whom they can talk things through, and who is able to be honestly critical when necessary. Many charts will reveal people born with Neptune close to the Ascendant.

If in the first house of the birth chart, it can weaken the personality by increasing the Libran tendency to take the line of least resistance.

These individuals must learn to face up to reality and not resort to negative escapism.

The need to escape is better released through art, or perhaps religious or spiritual interests.

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Libra is not one of the strongest signs of the zodiac other powerful influences in the birth chart will color the characteristics, especially when it is the rising sign.

However, many typically Libran elements will be a part of the personality, especially the all important need to relate which under these circumstances becomes the basic psychological motivation.
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